Alan Kingston Driver Training

We have a wide range of manual shifting cars for students to take their lessons in.


Alan Kingston Driver Training offers the following services:

  • Beginners Lessons

  • Part Trained Lessons

  • Test Rescue Lessons

  • Refresher Lessons

  • Motorway Lessons

  • Nervous Pupil Speciality


Alan Kingston Driver Training

We also have automatic vehicles available to those that may have difficulty using a regular manual car.


I’m Nathan Harbottle from Blackhall and I passed my driving test first time with Alan Kingston with only 1 minor, I would advise everybody to use this excellent driving instructor.

Nathan Harbottle

I passed my test first time on the 10th January 2012, I also passed my theory in June 2012 first time. I was nervous before my first lesson but as soon as I got in the car, Alan made me feel more at ease and I felt a lot more confident and comfortable, he explained everything in detail and made sure I understood before he went further. I had my first lesson at the end of March 2012 after every lesson I was excited for the next and always looked forward to them. He was very patient and let me learn at my own speed but also pushed me to make sure I reached my full potential, he was very understanding if I did something wrong or if I forgot to do something. He helped me and gave me advice before my theory and reassured me and I was so happy when I passed first time, I continued my lessons and got more and more confident with Alan’s help. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions or tell him about my worries. I found it easy to talk to Alan and he was a very good teacher. He didn’t let me book my test until I was completely ready and until I felt ready, we done a mock test a few weeks before my test which made me more confident, before my test he gave me advice and helped me stay calm as I was nervous. I passed first time with Alan and I don’t think I would of passed first time with anyone else, he was always on time and booked my lessons when it was the best time for me. Alan was an excellent teacher and I would recommend him to everyone.

Kim Henry

I choose Alan Kingston because living in Billingham I wanted a local driving instructor who I could rely on. I found Alan easy to get on with and his friendly manner put me at ease. When it came to the lessons Alan always turned up on time and he kept the lessons interesting and informative. I always got the full hour and felt that he cared about the people he teaches. By learning with Alan I passed my test first time and in only 2 months. I would definitely recommend Alan as a driving instructor.

Denise Gregory

I passed my driving test with Alan Kingston in October 2007, I passed first time with little minors, after around 6 months of starting and taking approximately 1 hour and a half lessons a week. Alan was a great teacher and all my lessons were fun and enjoyable.

JJ Henry

After beginning my driving lessons in August, I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience of learning to drive. Alan has been a fantastic teacher, and not only do I feel very comfortable driving with him, but I also think he has a great way of relating to young people, making it very easy to get on with him. I have benefitted from approximately 20 two hour sessions with Alan, and I was very pleased to pass my driving test in February on my first attempt. With his great knowledge of the rules of the road and the friendly atmosphere in which the lessons are conducted, I can honestly say I couldn’t have asked for a better driving instructor. I am now looking forward to completing my ‘Pass Plus’ with Alan.

Katie Dowson

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